About qiviut

We are based in Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland, where we also produce our qiviut. In combination with our production of qiviut musk ox yarn and we also sell tanned skins of musk ox. We sell mainly products for retail and spinners.

We procure musk skins from local prisoners, which captures the musk in the wilderness around the Kangerlussuaq, and all musk is trapped by Inuit traditional hunting. The meat of the hunted animals used in local kitchens, where it is a very important source of protein for the Inuit, who are often living far from the major towns and settlements. All skins are purchased from winter fishing, since they have the best wool.

Kangerlussuaq has also the world's strongest stock of wild musk. Among other things, due to the favourable conditions with extreme low temperature on more-50 degrees in winter and the lush grazing valleys near the ice cap. One finds here the world's best and most unique wool, which is 8 times warmer than other wool and much softer.

The musk ox is adapted to a life in the most extreme environment, and also that is why its wool so unique. The beast is neither an ox or a goat, but is its own species as closest is akin to sheep. This "prehistoric" provides a completely unique wool, wool with properties that are not found in other animals in the world.

Qiviut: we receive the skins in the winter where we manually shave dækhårene of the skins, which are strung up on large drums. The fine inderuld brushed steel brushes manually by, and that can be brushed about 1 kilogram of thousands of each fleece. wool The wool be packed then in breath just 15 kg canvas sacks, and sold to the spinners and clothing producers from all over the world, who use the wool for exclusive fashion wear.

Musk Ox yarn: we have produced our yarn at selected spinners, and the yarn is available both coloured and uncoloured, either as single ply or double ply. The yarn is sold to the retail trade in both Denmark, Greenland and abroad. Contact us for dealer information.

Musk Ox skins: we choose the nicest musk cat for tanning and get the skins tanned on tannery in South Greenland. The skins are sold to interior design via retailers.

Contact us for dealer information.